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Build strength, confidence, and a healthy body image from the inside out.


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Bad-asses aren’t born, they’re made.
This is the making of you. 

 it is time for you to...   
your biggest fan

Like, how do you consume fewer calories but expend more energy … without murdering your messy roomie during one of your hangrier moments? And how are you meant to keep up with the whole ‘eat less’ thing, when you’re barely scraping by nutritionally (and the more you lose, the less you’re able to eat)?

Easy: you don’t. Burn that rulebook, bruh.

‘Cause this is about *so* much more than fitting into those skinny jeans (or feeling *insert smug smiley emoji* when you look in the mirror). 

This is about finally putting yourself first. And this is about living a longer, healthier and happier life. 

Together, let’s make it happen. 

So, here’s the deal: Most of the stuff we’re told we should do to reach our body goals? Like cutting carbs, counting calories and queuing up constant cardio? These so-called rules aren’t just crappy – they’re confusing AF. 

what's up, I’m Lauren! 

Meet your boba-sippin' Ass-kicker 

You’ll ditch the yo-yo*
diets and build a healthier relationship with food, all
while leveling up your mindset, nurturing sustainable weight loss and cultivating a consistent fitness habit. 

Ready to reinvent your hEALTH from the inside out?

my signature 1-on-1 coaching program 

*Fun fact: Did you know the yo-yo was originally invented as a weapon? Yeah, probably not the sorta thing we should be wielding for our wellness, yes? 

Monica nguyen

"I’ve been able to achieve more than I could’ve ever imagined. I have sustainably lost 11 pounds and have not binged since I worked with Lauren!"

Transformation 1 

janine adviento

"I've become more in tune with my mind and my body. I am so grateful for Lauren taking the time to invest in me!"

Transformation 2 


"I feel like a brand-new person! I wake up and I can’t wait to go be active and get my day started I have built new habits that I never saw coming.

Transformation 3


"I don’t stress over my diet as much, my clothes are fitting better, I have more stamina and I’ve been given the tools I need to implement this for the rest of my life."

Transformation 4


"I've developed more discipline, patience and kindess for myself and my body. I can wear a tank top now and feel confident about my arms!" 

Transformation 5

Jorge Zepeda

"My face is a lot leaner, I gained more confidence and I walk more upright with more energy!"

Transformation 6

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