for the strong

The transformational coaching journey to become your strongest, leanest and healthiest version of you.

by Lauren Pon

redefine your health 

You’re a go-getting bad ass in training, with goals you’re ready to get.

 Whether it’s mastering your deadlift, eating clean to get lean, or committing to consistency (which, let’s be real, is the hardest one of all), you know you’re ready to take control of your health, fitness, and future.

Fist-bump, fam! I’m so happy you’re here.

 … Except, well, you’re likely here ‘cause the ‘in training’ part of being a bad ass is still a work in progress for you.


Take a deep breath..

we'll bare it all

‘cause your diet doesn’t allow freedom and fun of any kind. Heck, you should stop smiling all together. That’s probably banned, too.

Sick of saying “no” to the good stuff like Fri-yay drinks and date nights,

(cue the horror music) ‘cause you no longer feel like your usual confident, awesome self.

Carefully avoiding mirrors, front-facing cameras and photos of any kind

and find a way of eating that doesn’t involve counting every crumb, working off every calorie, sacrificing your soul, or starving yourself silly with unsustainable food rules.

Ready to cut the cord with yo-yo dieting and toxic health habits,

Maybe the tough truth is that when it comes to figuring out exactly how to make your goals happen, you feel less, “YASSS – I’VE GOT THIS!!” and more, *gulp* ...“WTF am I doing?”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there’s a fair chance you’re also,

does this sound familiar, friend?

but still feeling low AF when you realize just how many one-size-fits-all fitness programs did nothing for you.

Hopping through fitness programs like the Easter bunny on a sugar high,

but still maintain their lean physiques … while you can barely scroll past a cupcake without gaining a pound.

Wondering how the  Fit Peeps eat SO much – and it’s not even always healthy stuff, yo –

where all the pretty, polished, perfect people seem to know exactly what they’re doing (while you can’t tell the difference between a rower and a pull-up machine.)

Feeling intimidated when you step into a gym – especially the scary AF weights area

You are your best investment, achievement, and future success story.

It’s safe to put down the paper bag
(… and the wine.)

 Help has arrived.

Don’t panic.

I’m the boba sipper, elite powerlifter, and your holistic fitness coach here
 at Powerwolf Athletics.

Hey! I’m Lauren.
Nice to meet ya!

You have to white-knuckle it through an all-or-nothing approach to achieve your goals.

You have to anxiously guess, Google or make those choices alone.

That what you give has to be the same for everybody.

I don't believe:

Boba and body building can go hand in hand for a balanced lifestyle.

You are in control of your choices.

You get what you give.

I believe:

And this is what I stand for.

‘Cause if there’s something I’ve learned – and seen! – over and over again, it’s that
there isn’t one single, perfect, cookie-cutter fitness roadmap
 to follow.

find balance

be in control of your life

regain your freedom

be confident. be strong

It isn’t something to be stumbled across and found – it’s something to be designed just to fit YOU. You're ready friend, to finally:

And that roadmap?
Your roadmap?

… There are 7.674 billion of ‘em.
.(Yep, that’s our world population.)

be strong mentally and physicallyl

And in the Redefine Your Health program, you’ll be given everything you need to nurture, balance, protect, and ultimately transform your holistic health.

Instead, your holistic health encompasses:

‘Cause this is about so much more than lifting weight, losing weight, or looking good in a bikini.

That’s short-term, surface-level sh*t. 

An online 1-on-1 coaching experience designed to help you build positive wellness habits and master your HOLISTIC HEALTH in a stress-free and sustainable manner.

And yeah, fam, there’s a reason that phrase is in caps.

 Redefine your health

How you feel emotionally


What you think of yourself

Your life purpose

Your environment 

The quality of your relationships

Your energy levels

How your body thrives

monica nguyen stopped obsessing over the scale and found food freedom and sustainably lost 11 lbs

sam miranda dropped 20 lbs and kissed goodbye to her 15+ year battle with fad diets

meg imawa regained body confidence and exploded her tiktok following from o to 60k+

lisa martinez shedded body fat while eating the food she loved - as a busy college student!

the results speak for themselves:

Wendy wang

“ I look forward to the workouts, and I am seeing myself getting stronger, and can design challenges for myself to accomplish."

feels strong - inside and out

healed her relationship with food

joy lano

"I'm finally free – free from attaching my self-worth to the number on the scale and free to think about life outside of food."

claudia rosales

“My skin has never looked better. I feel leaner and stronger. I am content with my physique and have never looked and felt better."

lost belly fat - and kept it off!

praise from those who were brave

(Sorry, I’ve got matcha
 boba on the brain)


...Over some fad diet and quick fixes that you know will give you nothing but short-term results and a feeling of emptiness (in your head, heart, belly and wallet.) 

You want the gym to be a source of empowerment to get stronger, build confidence, and maintain healthy habits -- rather than a place to burn off those extra calories. 



And the idea of investing in your health so you can become the best version of yourself both mentally and physically excites the ever-loving f*ck out of you. 

You're ready to STOP overextending, overcommitting and giving into excess and find balance in your health habits and life.

You want to prioritize you first over everyone else for once


(and y’know, quit constantly count calories and stepping on the scale to determine your self-worth). 

You’re ready to build a healthier relationship with food -- one that doesn’t involve guilt, shame, self-loathing or obsessive thoughts.

You’d love to lose fat … without losing yourself 


and your body – no matter where you’re at in your health journey. 

You know it's going to take more than a few morning affirmations  to feel proud of yourself and you're pumped to put in the work required to be the mentally and physically stronger. -- Even if that requires unlearning things and getting uncomfortable. 

You're ready to Ditch the
 Perfectionism and start loving yourself  


Bi-weekly video calls so we can connect, chat, troubleshoot and set you up for success over the next week. 

Private check ins with me through our coaching system. I’ll provide feedback, look over your food logs, progress photos, measurements and workouts and make sure you are on track with the goals YOU set for yourself! 
A workout program that works for you whether you are working out at home or in a gym! 

Fad-free science-based fitness and nutrition education that cuts the crap and allows you to take control of your health journey. 

A loving focus on the deep, inner psychological work that will help you achieve holistic health across all areas of your life.

Tough love, zero judgment and a coach that will ALWAYS have your back.

Here’s what you can expect to experience in your program: 

Tempted to snack on more than one bite? Feeling guilty after eating? I’m here to keep you on track! You’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) for between-sessions emergencies.

I’ll do my best to respond right away but will always respond within 24 hours Monday through Friyay!


Ongoing Text Support


These fortnightly video call sessions will reignite your fire to work hard and keep going, fill your cup with confidence and give you Swarovski  clear clarity on what’s next – including action plans to help you strut forward. Bring all your WTF questions, and I’ll bring laser-focused coaching.

Bi-Weekly 45 min coaching calls

Your Coaching Sessions


It’s time to start creating the life and health you want! In your kick-off session we’ll devise a plan that feels good, set your intentions for the process ahead and make sure your head is in the right place to dig into this work.

This will also help deepen my understanding of your goals, values, unique superpowers and in general to learn more about your awesome self!

45 min kick-off Call

Your Kick-off 


When was the last time you gave 100% of your attention to your health and happiness? You’ll be guided through thought-provoking questions to help you reflect on your habits.

Don't worry it's not like homework, but it will get your mind ticking. This just the start of your journey (and a game-changer in itself.)

Your Clarity 


Here's your step-by-step roadmap to a
 Healthier you:

$1494 Total,
First and last month upfront


6 month Package

$1196 Total


4 month Package

Ready to make future you proud af?

$2388 Total
First and last month upfront


12 month Package

Y’know, in a cute, humble but hell-yes-I-did-it! way. 😉



Fully Committed

Not until I’ve figured out how to Santa Claus it and be in 100 different places in a day. Which is to say, nope, fam. It’s all online. But that means pants are optional for our video calls! 😉 

Is this training in person?


 3 to 4x a week minimum. You’ll get an invitation to the Powerwolf fitness app where you can track everything from progress photos through to workouts to body measurements to daily habits.

How often do I need to work out?


Ooh, good news fam! There is no set diet! Think of it as your very own unique roadmap: We will start with how YOU currently eat and work on improving upon it to make it a customized experience meant entirely for you and your goals.

What kind of diet will I be on?


only the strong ask questions

We’ll start our journey together by writing your own rulebook - that we’ll stick to from beginning to end. To get the most out of this program though, I would recommend being mentally prepared with an idea of what you want success to look like when we start working together. Not sure where to start? Take our very own personality quiz to find out. 

how do I know this is going to work for ME and my lifestyle?


There is a level of accountability needed so as much as I, your coach, will do everything that I can to help you, it is up to you to take action. But as long as you are ready, willing and able to give this program your all and communicate with me, you will see results!

Do you guarantee results?


You'll have unlimited weekday private messaging access to me and a 45 min call via Zoom once every 2 weeks. You’ll also have check ins where I’ll give you  feedback on your progress and you can share with me – privately - how your week went so we can troubleshoot. 

What does accountability and communication look like with you?

the time is now

So you've made it to the bottom of this page and you're still wondering if this is REALLY right for you.

There's something truly special about the transformations my clients get. These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill before-and-after weight loss journeys you’ll find on Reddit or Instagram. Their stories are different – because their journey has been different. 

Have they all seen results in their physique? F*ck yes. 

But it’s not just about that. What makes these success stories different (and waaay more sustainable) is that:

It's time to become your strongest, leanest and healthiest version of you.

your journey starts now.

Every single one of my clients learned the importance of addressing their HOLISTIC health first. Aka, their mindset plus their mental and emotional health … BEFORE seeing physical results. 

But, most importantly, they discovered how to have compassion for themselves. 

They ignored the temptation of short-term quick-fixes and focused on their long-term holistic health instead. Even though stepping outside of their comfort zones felt scary AF, they kept themselves open to new ideas and approaches to deep health. 

And, lastly, they finally felt seen, heard and understood with their body, health and eating struggles. 

Because if you’re simply looking to get a six-pack or lose ten pounds … yeah, this program probably isn’t for you. You can achieve those short-term goals in any fitness program. 

But If you’re looking to invest in your future holistic health so that you can …

Quit nervously counting calories and stepping on scales all the time. 
STOP overextending, overcommitting and giving into excess. 
Ditch the perfectionism and stupidly high expectations and start loving yourself – and your body – no matter where you’re at in your health journey. 
Get the expert help and guidance you need to become the best version of yourself (‘cause, there is NO reason you have to do this alone.)

… The Redefine Your Health program might be exactly what you need right now. 

$1494 Total
First and last month upfront


6 month Package

$1196 Total


4 month Package

Ready to transform?

$2388 Total
First and last month upfront


12 month Package



Fully Committed

Wading through uncertainty? Reach out: