Health and fitness? Yeah, that’s your THING. And you’re damn good at it! You eat intuitively, track your portions, meal prep and plan like a boss and find it easy as pie* to stay on track with your goals.

Not only that, but because you live the fit life, you enjoy high energy and awesome mental clarity across all areas of your world. You’re killing it!



Eats 1-4 palms of protein in the meals per day 

Eats 1-4 fists of veggies per day 

Indulges in bites, licks and tastes more often than other archetypes

Enjoys a couple drinks or two (or three) 

Exercises at minimum 3 times per week including strength training, taking the dog on a walk or strolling the mall. 

Pays mindful attention to hunger cues about 50% of the time.

here's a bite-size snapshot of the boss archetype habits: 

How Athletes look like

You may “nope” social events with food (which may leave you feeling unfulfilled socially)

Your lifestyle requires greater attention to your diet and a decent daily time commitment to have consistency in the gym

You have to pre-plan all your meals, especially when eating out

You’re unable to consume alcohol to stay consistent with your strict diet

You may need to give up your hobbies and other interests to maintain your physique


You’ve got great mental clarity and health due to your balanced diet and minimal consumption of processed food

Your fitness levels have given you a high work capacity


Benefits and tradeoffs

And you don’t have to turn down a full life in order to cultivate and keep that six pack. 'Cause there’s always a way to enjoy yourself and reach your health goals.

Just remember that you’re not in this alone.

I see you and your struggles

Find ways to embrace balance to achieve deep, holistic health (without having to sacrifice other areas of your life). Check in with your relationships and other important areas of your life from time to time.