You’re drowning in a sea of good intentions—telling yourself you have to break this bad eating habit, change your sleep schedule, start hitting the gym 5 times a week… so why don’t you do it? The list of healthy habits is long. You know it but don’t do it, and you’re not alone. In life, […]

The “I Know” Syndrome

Fitness, Mindset

It’s ok to be discouraged. It’s not ok to quit. Your first attempts aren’t always going to work. Heck, make that your second, third, tenth attempts! That fresh new goal you were so adamant about biting into might be starting to rot as March rolls in. Because.. Life eventually comes knocking.. …And it’s bringing it’s […]

Quitting is not an option


WHY LISTENING TO YOUR BODY ISN’T WORKING…. “Intuitive” eating is the hot topic right now. People are getting SICK and tired of following all these diet rules and restrictions so naturally, people like you want to find a more ‘intuitive’ approach. So cliches like “Listen to your body” “eat intuitively” and “find what works for […]

“Just listen to your body” rarely EVER works.

Fitness, Nutrition

Choosing to get active or improve your diet doesn’t need to be about disliking your body or wanting to meet social beauty standards. Health is NOT just about how we look but how we feel. Being body positive can mean that you are neutral or not anxious about your body but you STILL work out […]

You can still want to change your body and be body positive.


Have you ever heard another woman… Say how “bad” she was for overeating over the weekend? Beat herself up for not having any willpower around food? Constantly talk about what diet she’s doing (or should be doing)? Make not-so-great comments about how her body looks? (Or maybe you’ve struggled with these things yourself?) I know […]

The truth about disordered eating

Nutrition, Podcast

Calories count, but you do not have to count them ‼️ -saying it louder for the people in the back!- Calorie counting or macro tracking is the go-to way for people to learn about food and how much they are consuming. It’s helped many people realize they’re actually eating more calories than they think!   […]

How to lose weight without counting calories


⁣ We’re going to dive straight into this one because likely if you’re reading this you might be diving into another bag of chips as we speak! And I know you want a solution like.. yesterday. 1. Quit feeling like you need to be in control of everything. ⁣ ⁣ This might sound counterintuitive, but […]

3 Powerful Tips to Stop Emotionally Eating


Although most of my clients will never compete ( nor do they have to ) I believe they should treat their training as if they were athletes. ⬇️Here’s why:⬇️ 1.EVERY. WIN. COUNTS! (And is celebrated!🎉) a 2.5lb PR gets athletes jumping for joy! 2. details matter. ✏️Technique, form, sets, reps, volume… imagine, a small shift […]

Why powerlifting will always be part of how I coach 

Powerlifting, Random Thoughts

Women want a body similar to this: (Yes.. I used myself as an example.) But think if they lift a weight heavier than 25 lbs they’ll look like this: Yeon Woo Jhi So they end up doing endless hours of cardio on the treadmill and going on yet another extremely restrictive diet. But if they […]

Ladies, here’s why you absolutely should lift weights


It’s time for women to stop being afraid of being “too much.”⁣ ⁣ These are the top fears that I see so often —⁣ ⁣ Fear of outshining others,⁣ ⁣ Fear of sharing too many wins and accomplishments,⁣ ⁣ Fear of doing too well (& not enjoying their successes) ⁣ ⁣ Fear of taking up […]

Dear women, don’t be afraid to be ‘too much’

Random Thoughts

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