coaching for the brave

You’re a busy boss on a mission to make your life a masterpiece of magical moments.
Which means … you’re totally aware you need a strong, healthy and happy body to keep up with the demands of your fast-paced daily life.



Eats 1-4 palms of protein in the meals per day 

Eats 1-4 fists of veggies per day 

Indulges in bites, licks and tastes more often than other archetypes

Enjoys a couple drinks or two (or three) 

Exercises at minimum 3 times per week including strength training, taking the dog on a walk or strolling the mall. 

Pays mindful attention to hunger cues about 50% of the time.

here's a bite-size snapshot of the boss habits: 

How Bosses look like

Your fitness requires some thought and planning.

You snack often and might have more cravings than you’d like,
 and, *sweat emoji*, might give into those cravings more often than not)


Exercise is easy and enjoyable.

Consistency is easy to achieve.

Good sleep and overall energy.

You'll won't be lean... but you'll look good!


Benefits and tradeoffs

 And, right now, there’s a fair chance that you’re struggling to establish a routine that’ll support your energy and make sure your very full life doesn’t burn you out.
(Oh heeeeey, takeaway, fast food and eating on the run.)

 There’s a bit of a gap between knowing and doing. 

I see you and your struggles

And while there’s no doubt you’re the type of legend that can take charge of any situation, to become your best self you need to take charge of yourself first. Don’t be scared to put yourself first and say, “no” to others so you can say, “yes” to prioritizing your health and wellbeing.