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Can you come organize my calendar? I feel like you’d be a pro at it. And with those strong planning and prepping skills, I bet your life is a seamless balance of structure and planned spontaneity.     

Sure, you’ll happily spend an afternoon on the weekend with your ritual meal prepping. But you’ll also eagerly head out to dinner with your partner and try new foods (even if it’s just stealing a few bites from their plate 😉)

Lean gainer!


Eats 4-6 palms of protein per day.

Includes veggies in nearly every meal. 

Eats mostly quality carbs and healthy fats 

Limits drinks, if any at all. 

Exercises 45 min per day, whether it is strength training, cardio, etc. Trains hard. 

Eats slowly and mindfully 90% of the time

here's a bite-size snapshot of the Lean gainer habits: 

How Lean Gainers look like

You may “nope” social events where drinking is involved (which is a great wellness decision, but may leave you feeling unfulfilled socially)

Your lifestyle requires greater attention to your diet and a daily time commitment to have consistency in the gym


Can see ab definition, obliques or 'four pack'

You’ve got great mental clarity and health due to your balanced diet and minimal consumption of processed food

Easy to maintain once habits are solidified. 

Significantly less cravings 


Benefits and tradeoffs

All this careful planning can get a little overwhelming at times.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little extra support to help you cultivate and maintain consistency no matter what life throws your way.

Don’t be scared to ask for help when you need.

I see you and your struggles