lose fat sustainably and keep it off for good

so you can finally put your health first, look better and feel confident in your body without the hassle of calorie counting, giving up foods you love or taking over your mental space. 

 ready to say goodbye to dieting, have a healthier relationship with food and make fitness a part of your lifestyle?

You've come to the right place. 

an intimate, transformative 12-week group coaching experience for busy young professionals who are ready to ditch the fad diets and extreme workouts for a whole human centered approach to their health goals. 

what past clients are saying

Meg lost 10lbs, healed her gut and stopped binge eating! 

"I struggled with finding a sustainable way for me to lose weight and keep it off. I honestly don't think I really had the patience for it at the time because I didn't understand how to do it properly. It wasn't until much later that I understood "low and slow" was how it had to be, that I would be losing a little bit of weight at a time, but at least I would be able to keep it off. I didn't have any guidelines for how to do that, so it kind of felt like I was wandering in the dark.

On top of that, I was obsessed with food and constantly overeating. I didn't know that I had a problem. Once I did, I didn't know how to begin to fix it. My negative self-talk was at an all time high. My hunger cues were messed up and I didn't think I would ever be able to eat properly." 

does this sound like you?

if you are here, you are probably working hard in the gym (or at home during COVID-19) trying to get lean and stay in shape. You've tried EVERY DIET that there is and no matter how hard you try nothing seems to STICK.  

You are: 

-feeling anxious around "bad foods" that you know you should limit 

-preoccupied with your weight, your body and excessively worrying about how many calories are in your food 

- losing the same weight only to regain it again in a few months 

- promising to be better only to break those promises and feeling extreme guilt

- stress eating and giving in to bad habits when things are uncertain in life

-experiencing difficulty coping with life changes

-unable to find that healthy balance in fitness and life

if any of these sound like you...

and you are ready for the blueprint to feel happy, healthy and confident without restrictive diets and overexercising... 

hey! I'm Lauren. 

 I'm the founder & head fitness coach of Powerwolf Athletics. I am a NASM Certified, PN1, USPA Powerlifting Coach. I have a BA in psychology.

I've struggled HARD with my weight, yo-yo dieting and feeling anxiety whenever I ate 'off limit' foods.

even after years of lifting heavy weights in the gym and winning powerlifting meets and bikini shows, I couldn't find not only the balance I wanted in life, but also the confidence to show up fully each day. 

It got so bad, I stopped spending time with my family and I couldn't focus on getting work done to build the business of my dreams!

I was desperate, and I mean REALLY DESPERATE to get out of the vicious cycles of overexercising and binge eating. 

it wasn't until I finally got out of my own head and sought help that I was able to break free and build unshakeable confidence in myself.
now through my own struggles, I'm grateful to be empowering and helping hundreds of other young professionals online get lean and stronger without spinning their wheels. 

what past clients are saying

ready to do the damn thing? 

the proven 5 step Fit Life Design process:

1.redesign your life

design a balanced routine for your health that is in complete alignment with your life, work and personality. Together through engaging collaboration with your cohort, you'll find the approach that works for you and your unique lifestyle. 

2.master your mind

unleash complete confidence in yourself and your abilities. reprogram your mind to go from "giving in" to bad habits to keeping all the promises you make to yourself. conquer all the doubt that holds you back overcome the self doubt, end the food anxiety and better manage your feelings. 

3. optimize your nutrition

learn the science of fitness and nutrition and the psychology of eating. discover how to master the art of flexible eating, find the foods that nourish and energize your body and overcome emotional eating and snacking.

4. build your strength and workouts

this is the fun part where you find what activities you enjoy that will also help you build the body you love! From lifting heavy weights in the gym to home workouts to cardio, you'll create the perfect fun and exciting workout routine that will help you burn more calories, lean out, build muscle and get strong as hell!

5. sustain for life

keep the fat off forever! this module will teach you how to make fitness a lifestyle. no matter what life throws at you, you can keep yourself accountable to your actions through all the ups and downs in life and prioritize your health for good. 

psst hey! 

I know what you're probably thinking. "i've tried everything under the sun and I'm worse off than before... why is this any different?" honestly, I don't blame you. diet and diet promises you results but it ends up being a bust and the only thing you lost was a whole lot of time, money and hope. well worry not, because i center my philosophy around a holistic, heart centered proven method. After studying thousands of hours psychology, getting my bachelors, and training hundreds of clients, I dive deep into habit change to help you achieve long lasting results for life-- something that no other program does for you. 

my coaching promise 

coaching with compassion

taking care of your mental health is my first priority. I am committed to always leading with grace understanding that everyone has their own unique abilities and struggles. group calls with me are safe spaces for you to come in with an open heart. with a firm yet kind approach,  the team is here to help you feel inspired, take action and feel confident in your abilities. 

"show your work" refund guarantee 

I am results driven and I stand behind my service and products. if you show up to all the group calls and present your the work you've done from the program and you don't get any results by the end of the program, I'll refund you your investment. No questions asked. 

what past clients are saying

"I've been dieting since the 8th grade and I've tried every diet you can think of. I had issues with keeping promises to myself and I would feel extremely guilty if I were to break said promises. more specifically, I had problems with emotionally carrying out the actions that I would logically think about in my head. now I've lost 20 lbs without restricting myself!"

Sam M., nurse

"weight loss doesn't have to be so confusing. once I was able to block out the distractions (social media/influencers, fad diets, supplements). the diet and fitness industries have conditioned us to over-complicate everything. I had to really trust the process and exercise extreme patience with myself. also, my weight hasn't been this low in a over a year!"

Jasmine L., aspiring nurse

nitty gritty details of the program

-unlimited, on demand mentorship & coaching. Weekly group calls are held as a safe space for you to share your struggles, update your coach on your progress & share successes with other likeminded individuals. You will also get unlimited support in the Facebook group to ask all your questions.

- supportive tight knit community.  It's hard doing things alone. You and your peers are hand selected to be part of this family. You're not just another number or faceless person in a Facebook group with us. Don't be surprised if you come out with a ton of like-minded friends from around the world who are also committed to growth and health!

-weekly accountability and check-ins. having right accountability increases chances of success by a whopping 95%. We take progress seriously here and we aren't fooling around with this important part of your experience! If you miss a group call or haven't logged in to watch the modules in a while, we will give you a gentle nudge and help you get back on track!

-lifetime access.  to the 9 modules that walk you through a step-by-step method that will help you design a healthy lean lifestyle. All videos are dripped out week-by-week. 

-proven process to get you real results. Fit Life Design (Previously called Back to Basics) is Powerwolf Athletics 7th version of our group coaching program. This is our biggest update yet after 1.5 years! We've perfected the blueprint process that bridges the gap between where you are now with your health and where you ultimately want to be. 

what clients are saying

by the end of FLD you will...

-feel happier, more free, and confident in yourself
-  unlearn  old unhealthy habits that no longer serving you.
-finally break through the plateau you have around your weight 
-drastically heal and improve your relationship with food and lose the food anxiety 
-feel your clothes fit better, lose inches off your waist and lose that stubborn fat for good!
eliminate negative self talk and be more disciplined yet kinder to yourself 
-learn how to eat intuitively without counting every single calorie 

you've made it to the bottom of the page. yay!! that must mean you are really down for a true lasting change. I'm so excited for you! you are ready to get off this diet rollercoaster... I cannot wait to chat with you! Apply below, take the leap and let's do this damn thing! - Lauren Pon